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“Having strategies for coping with mental illness is extremely important. It is hard to enjoy your life if you are constantly sick with mental illness. However, believing in yourself, having hope that things will continue to get better, and looking forward to your future are also vital in overcoming mental illness. Our hopes and dreams are not delusions. Our hopes and dreams are what makes us human.”

David Kime, artist, writer, floral designer, person in recovery from bipolar disorder.



In March 2006,The Department of Public Welfare, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services began the Employment Transformaion project with six counties who were selected to receive consultative services in transforming their local employment services. In 2007 OMHSAS included an additional nine counties. In the project, OMHSAS has provided targeted technical assistance and consultation including: evaluation of existing internal and external vocational services and supports; assistance in the development of an advisory council; informational sessions with all stakeholders; training sessions for practitioners in the application of evidence based practices in supported employment; training for peer employment support group facilitators; on-going technical assistance, both on-site and electronically; evaluation and outcomes analysis, and; provision or assistance in securing other employment related trainings, services and supports as identified by sites.

This website is dedicated to the futherance of the objectives the project. On it will you will find information and resources about the evidenece based practice of supported employment and the things that support its implmentation.

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Recovery and Recovery Oriented Services

Supported Employment

Employment as a Recovery Oriented Service

The Implications of SE for Program Design

These Webinars were recorded using the facilities of Community Care Behavioral Health in Pittsburgh, PA under the direction of Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health
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